Innovator Community Connect Program

Program Structure

A 6-week ‘Outsourced Field Research’ program in which we conduct surveys, discussions and field studies to support your Social Innovations

1 week of online, interactive learning about the Indian Social Changemaking ecosystem. The modules include:

 Poverty Simulation Exercise with real-life inputs from community members

 Overview of Indian geography, demographics, culture, history, economy and social issues

 Videos followed by discussions to understand government, industry, research, non-profit and community mindsets

5 weeks of Multi-layered research which includes:

– Surveys, group discussions, interviews, concept testing and prototype testing

 Easy to share formats for Data collection and storage

Special Project Choices

– Environmental sustainability

– Urban Sustainability (Special focus on Water and Sanitation)

– Preventive Health (special focus on WASH)

– Food Security

– Water Security

– Empowerment of the marginalized


For 2018-19, all locations are in India. The states we offer the program in are:

– National Capital Region of Delhi (Delhi and suburbs)

– Uttar Pradesh

– Punjab

– Himachal Pradesh

Program Cost*


Special Scholarships available for Indian Applicants:

Rs. 25,000 – 6-week base program fee, not inclusive of any travel or lodging costs

* Conditions Apply



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