Social Innovation – Live Project Engagement Program


Does identifying solutions to existing societal problems excite you? Do you have the desire to drive change and experience the life of a social change-maker?

We provide you an exciting opportunity to pursue social innovation by entering into the shoes of a social change-maker. The program offers a 3-week social innovation project immersion which provides you a chance to contribute to solving societal problems. These concentrated capsules on social change-making provide you an opportunity to become a part of an on-going project with development sector professionals. You not only develop an understanding of social innovation but also enrich your experience through interactions with these development sector professionals who have been involved in effective change-making. The opportunities include engaging in activities such as Social Enterprise Management, Social Impact Consulting and Behavior Change Communication.

There opportunities are available for students and professionals from all backgrounds. For the aspiring strategists there are opportunities to take up social impact consulting assignments, the leaders can directly engage with communities to create SHGs or RWAs, the technologists can work on product development initiatives such as creation of low cost filters or renewable lighting systems and the marketers can deep dive into the mind-set of the community to perform a behavioral analysis.

Program Duration

3-weeks (December to January)

Who can apply

We welcome you to our program If you:

– Are a Social Entrepreneur or want to be one

– Have a social innovation idea you want to develop

– Are a student  working on a social innovation project

– Are a mid-life professional wanting to start your own entrepreneurial journey

– Just want to understand and experience working for community welfare

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