Do you see yourself as any of the following:


A Leader: Who looks to inspire the world to solve the most challenging problems of the present and the future world

A Social Innovator: Who likes to identify new means of solving problems

A Change-maker: Who does not always accept the status quo


Welcome to FORCE Institute of Social Innovation


We know each of you has a social innovator inside.

We provide experiences to help hone the Leader, Social Innovator and Change-maker in you.

Short Duration Programs

Social Innovation – Live Project Engagement Program

3-week concentrated capsules on social change-making through project experience of an on-going project with social changemakers


Social Innovator Responsible Leader Program

6-week program with classroom training and community experience to hone the Leader, Change-maker and Innovator in you 


Living Learning Laboratory Program


6 week ‘Living Learning Laboratory’ program that gives you an immersive community experience to help you fine-tune your Innovation/ Research


Innovator Community Connect Program


6-week ‘Outsourced Field Research’ program in which we conduct surveys, discussions and field studies to support your Social Innovations


One-Year Program: Social Innovator Incubation Support

One-year personalized mentorship and training program to help you develop and scale your social innovation

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