Living Learning Laboratory for Responsible Innovators Program

Program Structure

A four to six week program to give you different perspectives in the changemaking ecosystem and facilitate interaction opportunities that help you develop your social innovation idea.

Two weeks of intensive, interactive learning for Social Innovation planning and Responsible leadership. The cutting-edge modules include:

 4ORCE Framework for Effective Changemaking

– Hybrid Business Models for Social Enterprise design

 Poverty Simulation Exercise with real-life inputs from community members

 Nudge Economics –Thaler’s economic theory to understand decision making of marginalized communities

 Visits and meetings with government, industry, research, non-profit and community representative

2 to 4 weeks of immersive community experience for design and refining your Social Innovation project in rural, urban, peri-urban or hilly areas.

– Expert guidance

– Peer to peer learning

– Immersive learning support

Program Highlights

To help you get an immersive community experience in the 4-6 weeks you spend with this program, we have included some special elements:

Logistical support:  You will not have to worry about basics like where to stay, how to travel, communicate etc. In our pre-program talks with you, we will help you select from stay, health insurance, travel, internet and mobile phone options. Within the first two days of your landing in Delhi, we will introduce you to nearby shopping centers, sports complexes, doctors, banks and popular hangouts

Pre-Program support: An information module to prepare you for the experience. Logistical details of your stay, some dos and don’ts for first-time travelers to India, basics of Hindi. Also preparatory readings on Social Innovation, leadership and social issues in India

Stay at local homes: One of the stay options we offer is to stay in the homes of local families. Engaging with them to get a first-hand account of their daily lives can be a great learning experience

Explore India: Do you want to explore India’s rich heritage? Or it’s colorful diversity? Or do you want to go hiking or paragliding on the mighty Himalayas? Or do you want to meditate and do yoga? We connect you with all these opportunities and more!

Special Project Choices

– Environmental sustainability

– Urban Sustainability (Special focus on Water and Sanitation)

– Preventive Health (Special focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

– Food Security

– Water Security

– Empowerment of the Marginalized


For 2018-19, all locations are in India. The in-house learning module will be in New Delhi. You can choose to have the Community Experience module at any one of the locations below:

– National Capital Region of Delhi (Delhi and suburbs) – Metropolitan city in North India, satellite cities and peri-urban areas.

– Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh – Tier 3 town with a low income population

– Ghugial village, Punjab – Village with agriculture as main occupation

– Chachian village, Himachal Pradesh – Semi urbanized village in hill state

– Bengaluru, Karnataka – Metropolitan city in South India

Program Cost*

International Applicants:

$2,500 – Cost for first 6 weeks – every additional week $300 per week (Inclusive of internal travel, lodging and food expenses in India. Travel to Delhi (India) not included

$1,500 – Cost for first 6 weeks – every additional week $170 per week (Only program fees not inclusive of internal travel, lodging and food expenses in India)

Indian Applicants:

Rs. 25,000 – 6-week base program fee, not inclusive of any travel or lodging costs

* Conditions Apply


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