Social Innovation – Live Project Engagement Program


Short but powerful, this three to four week program, gives you a snapshot of the 4ORCE Social Innovator Framework and a changemaking role in an ongoing community project.

We start with an intensive 2 day in-house learning program. Here, you interact with impact makers to get multiple views of the Social Innovation process. Then you spend 3 to 4 weeks working on a live project in a location you choose. You have a  clearly defined task critical for the success of the Changemaking effort

Program Duration

3-weeks (December to January)

Who can apply

We welcome you to our program If you:

– Are a Social Entrepreneur or want to be one

– Have a social innovation idea you want to develop

– Are a student  working on a social innovation project

– Are a mid-life professional wanting to start your own entrepreneurial journey

– Just want to understand and experience working for community welfare

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